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Make Our Leaders (MOL) Foundation is a charitable organisation that seeks to support school going children achieve their educational objectives. Our aim is to Inspire and empower all students and teachers in our country to strive for academic excellence by nurturing all gifts, talents, potential and empowering young people to become independent and useful citizens in the future.


MOL Foundation was founded in 2013 by a Sierra Leonean Philanthropist Isatu Mansaray who worked as an Assistant Service Manager for one of the health providers in the UK.  Ms. Mansaray has always had the passion and interest to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children in her immediate community when she was living in Sierra Leone. After high school, Isatu worked for a non-governmental organization called Grassroots Empowerment for Self-Reliance in Sierra Leone where she continued her passion of helping and working with children.


The passion became stronger whilst on a visit to Kambia town, in the northern province of Sierra Leone. There she witnessed children of school going age, working as labourers in a construction site and also carrying firewood or fetching water while their peers were in school. It was against this background that, Ms. Mansaray founded MOL Foundation in London as a non-governmental organisation to support underprivileged children, giving them a fair chance to achieve their educational potential.  


MOL Foundation is a registered Charity in the UK and Sierra Leone. It comprises a Board of Trustees who supervise the management and affairs of the organisation.  MOL Foundation’s headquarter is in London with a branch in Freetown. Presently, MOL Foundation is funded by its members through monthly contributions, donations from patrons and fund-raising activities.  

We believe that being born into poverty is no reason to deprive children of basic human rights to education, healthcare and proper nutrition.

Our Mission

In partnership with our sponsors, we aim to provide educational support in the form of scholarships and other educational essentials, our campaign against hunger and providing under-privileged young people with opportunities and hopes of becoming future leaders.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Every child should be educated and given a fair chance to become self-reliant.

Founder's Statement

Education is the greatest asset one can give to anyone. Therefore, do not hesitate to sponsor a child to acquire a lifetime wealth (EDUCATION) which cannot only benefit themselves and their families but can benefit the nation as a whole.


“Giving is the master key to success, in all application of human life, for it is in giving that we receive.” 


- Isatu Mansaray

Founder & Executive Director

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